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This Agreement is between Rachel Frey Interiors, LLC and Client with respect to virtual interior design services to be rendered for Color Consultation by Designer for Client dated in Acuity Scheduler. 

In the delivery of Virtual Design Package, Designer and Client agree as follows:

SCOPE (Virtual Design Package)

  • Up to 1-Hour Video Call, if requested, via Zoom or FaceTime during regular business hours.

  • Designer and Client will share a joint Pinterest board to collaborate on a design.  Pinterest board will be deleted 1 year after creation date.  

  • Designer will deliver a design board and 2D rendering via email by 2 weeks from date of contract, questionnaire and measurements submission.

  • Client has the opportunity to request 3 revisions to the design board.  (Example: Request #1 “Please replace the window treatments and rug).

  • Client will approve the final design after 3 revisions have been made, if needed.

  • Designer will deliver final 2D rendering, design board, shopping list with direct links for purchase, How-to style guide via email

  • Designer will contact client via email after 4 weeks of final delivery date for follow up questions and concerns.

  • Designer is not a contractor and does not provide contractor services.  

SCOPE (Color Consultation)​

  • Up to 1-hour in-person consultation at the client's home

  • Designer to deliver paint recommendations and sheen within 72 hours of consultation via email.

  1. DESIGN FEES: Designer shall be compensated at the flat fee of $499.  Design fees are required at the time this contract is signed.  All Design Fees are nonrefundable.

  2. CLIENT INFORMATION: Client agrees to provide accurate information regarding the Project to the Designer.  Designer shall be held harmless for relying on the accuracy of information provided by the Client.  This includes, but is not limited to measurements, photos, and site conditions. 

  3.  INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Designer’s drawings, design ideas, and design proposal are the intellectual property of Designer. Designer’s drawings are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth design intent; they are not to be used for architectural or engineering purposes. Designer retains ownership and copyright of all intellectual property at all times.  Project drawings and documents cannot be used by Client for any purpose other than completion of Project by Designer as laid out in this agreement. 

  4. PHOTOGRAPHS & PUBLICITY: Client agrees that Designer may share information and intellectual property about the project for business purposes including, but not limited to: press, publications, online, social media, marketing, advertising, and print.  Designer will not disclose address or Client’s name without prior consent.

  5. PURCHASES:  Purchases are the sole responsibility of the Client. Designer cannot guarantee prices of merchandise, interior installation, or other services not performed by Designer. Vendor pricing is subject to change and out of the control of Designer.

  6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Neither the Designer, Designer’s Consultants, nor their agents or employees shall be jointly or individually liable to the Client for an amount in excess of the proceeds of the available professional liability insurance coverage. 

  7.  REFUNDS & SCHEDULING: There are no refunds for Virtual Design Package.  If client requests a face to face consultation, service can be rescheduled (1) time with at least 48 hours notice and within 30 days of original appointment.  If Client cannot make rescheduled appointment, their Service and Design Fee will be forfeited.  There are no refunds or rescheduling for late or no-show appointments.  After 30 minutes, the Client will be considered a no-show. 

  8. DISPUTES & LIABILITY: All disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved by binding private arbitration in Lancaster, PA with each party to bear its own fees and costs.  This agreement is governed by PA law.  Neither the Designer, Designer’s Consultants, nor their agents or employees shall be jointly or individually liable to the Client for an amount in excess of the Design Fee. 

  9. TERMS: The parties agree that the terms of this Agreement may be changed only by a writing signed by both parties and that no oral changes or waivers are permitted.

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