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I'd love to hear from you! Whether you're looking to transform a single room, an entire home, or need guidance on a new build, I'm here to help.


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I found Rachel Frey Interiors at a time when I needed serious interior design assistance and Rachel far exceeded my expectations. What began as a kitchen/ bathroom consultation, evolved into a year long professional relationship, with much of my full house renovation executed with Rachel’s exceptional taste. While it is nice to have a completely blank slate to work with, it is equally as overwhelming, but that did not deter Rachel. She was available and ready every step of the way, taking the pressure off of me and allowing my dreams to become a reality.

Rachel has a vision that is cultivated by her clients’ aesthetic interests, but she finds a way to put her own spin on her design that takes said interests and elevates them into something you didn’t know was possible. Rachel is as involved or reserved as you would like her to be. She is incredibly capable and her talents shine through time and time again.

Outside of Rachel’s design abilities, this review should not be without mention of how kind, approachable, and friendly Rachel is. It’s as if you have known her your whole life after having just met her. She is truly a gem and someone you should not pass up when looking for an interior designer. I highly recommend Rachel Frey Interiors.

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