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Rachel Frey Interiors is a premier full-service design studio that caters to clients seeking luxurious room refreshes, renovations, new-builds, and window treatments. My team of experts is dedicated to bringing your design vision to life with exceptional attention to detail and personalized service.  I also offer virtual design services for clients who prefer to implement the design on their own or live outside of Lancaster, PA.



If the mere idea of renovating your home or furnishing an entire room fills you with stress and decision-making fatigue, then this service is tailored to your needs. My full-service design encompasses everything from the initial consultation to the finishing touches, and all the necessary steps in between. I collaborate with licensed trades, as necessary, to help you achieve the "Home Sweet Home" you've always dreamed of.


$2000 PER ROOM

Experience the convenience of transforming your space from the comfort of your own home. I will collaborate with you remotely to create a personalized, stylish interior tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Get started today and unlock the potential of your space with my virtual interior design service. Schedule a discovery call now and let's bring your vision to life!

"After doing a major renovation to our home and then building a new pool house, there were so many finishing touches that I felt were still needed to make our home feel complete. I had become so overwhelmed with picking out so many things and didn't have the time to do it. I reached out to Rachel for her help and I am so glad I did! From start to finish she was a delight to work with, clearly outlined the process, listening to all our needs and making it so easy from step to the next. None of it felt overwhelming. She was able to take our style and what we already had and take our spaces to the next level and make them feel finished and complete. We are so happy with the outcome!"


"Best. Decision. Ever. After living in our "new" home for 2 years, we couldn't figure out where to start in our living room. I came across Rachel on Instagram and loved her work, so I ended up reaching out to her. She was always quick to respond, sweet and personable, figured out our design preferences, listened to how we wanted our living room to function, stuck to our budget and ultimately delivered on the final product -a living room that we absolutely LOVE that made our house feel like home. If you are in need for a designer, please stop right here and reach out to Rachel. I can't wait to use her again for some future projects I'm already dreaming about!"


"We just completed a year and a half exterior and interior remodeling project on our nearly 100 year old home. Initially, we felt overwhelmed with all of the decisions we needed to make. Rachel's expertise and input helped us with all of these decisions. Also, my husband and I had different ideas about interior/exterior color combinations and flooring. Rachel went over the pros and cons of our ideas and then presented us with options we could agree on. Rachel was truly an integral part of our remodeling 'team.'"


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